Why Your Kid Should Visit the Optometrist near You

Why Your Kid Should Visit the Optometrist near You

Apr 01, 2021

Did you know that your child’s unresolved vision issues may have debilitating implications in their learning and routine tasks? Vision loss and eye defects are preventable at the early stages by ensuring your child visit the pediatric optometrist near you. The specialist will examine and determine the ocular health of your child. Your specialist will provide an ideal treatment if your child has underlying eye problems. A kid’s eye exam near you involves various assessments of your child’s vision and eye health. Optometrists are well-equipped with specialized equipment to ensure they perform a personalized evaluation, diagnosis, and eye testing for your child. Vision screening and examination of your child’s eyes have myriad benefits.

Why Your Child’s Eye Exams Are Vital

Early eye exams are crucial in ensuring your child has normal visual development and has no vision issues that may interfere with learning and other early childhood tasks. Mississauga optometrist recommends your child undergo eye exams to prevent vision defects and disorders that may hinder optimal learning. Exposure to portable electronic devices may cause eye strain for your kid, and early detection of vision problems is essential. Eye alignment problems during infancy may lead to incomplete visual development, and there’s a need to take your kid for early treatment.

Your child will likely be affected by refractive eye defects like astigmatism that cause blurred vision, headaches, or eye strain. Vision problems at a tender age pose a significant risk to your child’s development and learning. Visual conditions may cause various eye conditions as your child advances in age. They are likely to be faced with macular degeneration and blindness at old age. Preschool eye exams are crucial in addressing the following visual skills that are ideal for your child’s optimal learning:

  • Improving your kid’s ability to learn
  • Ensuring your child has excellent visual acuity.
  • Providing accurate eye movement skills

When Should You Schedule the First Optometrists’ Appointment for Your Child?

Our children’s optometrist in Mississauga, ON, may recommend you take your kids for an initial eye exam once they turn six months old. An eye exam scope is not extensive, and tests are done to ensure your kid’s eyes are healthy and no underlying issues that may interfere with normal vision. Most of the vision problems for your kid are not easily identified, and vision screening is required. Routine comprehensive eye exams are ideal in ensuring your child is free from visual health conditions. Your preschool child needs to undergo bi-annual eye exams, and if they use contact lenses, periodic annual appointments are crucial. Eye testing for your infant may involve assessment of your child’s eyes development by undergoing the following tests:

  • Preferential looking to assess vision using cards
  • Test for pupil responses by evaluating the pupil opening and closing in the presence of light.
  • Determining whether your child’s eyes can fixate and follow objects

What You Should Expect During Your Child’s Appointment with an Optometrist

Once you visit our children’s optometrist in Mississauga, ON, a comprehensive eye exam is done to identify potential underlying eye-related problems. Various tests are used to assess your child’s vision, eyes’ health, and visual function. A dilated eye test can be used, and based on the test outcomes, lenses or medication are recommended for your child’s treatment. An ophthalmologist may be involved to perform extensive procedures if the condition is severe.

Various aspects are considered during your child’s visit to the pediatric optometrist, including the child’s age, medical history, eyes alignment, and eyes health. Your child specialist may enquire about past complications, current medications, and allergies. The evaluation of the various aspects is vital in the diagnosis and treatment of your child’s eyes. During the initial appointment, you can disclose the following conditions regarding your child:

  • Excessive blinking
  • Poor eye tracking skills
  • Frequent eye rubbing by your kid
  • Failure to maintain eye contact
  • History of your child’s prematurity during birth
  • Delayed motor development

Refractive eye defects and other eye conditions may impair your child’s vision. It would be ideal for taking your child to the kid’s eye exam near you for suitable treatment. Untreated eye disorders at an early age may progress and lead to lifetime vision loss. Please make an appointment with our Mississauga optometrist today, and save your child’s eye health from numerous eye problems that may affect their learning.

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