Signs & Symptoms You Need Emergency Eye Care Near You

Signs & Symptoms You Need Emergency Eye Care Near You

Jun 03, 2021

Eye problem is always genuine medical problem. Taking care of your eyes and guaranteeing they stay healthy is very essential. Do you have an injury to the eye as a result of a mishap, scratches, or pollution, or facing other eye issues? Get emergency care at Complete Eyecare today. It is the biggest eye care provider in Mississauga, ON.

Remember, eye injury is the beginning of troubling symptoms, including redness, pain, swelling, and visual disability. It poses a danger to human health and their eyes. Our eye expert doctor provides regular eye care for their patients as well as assists individuals to understand their problems when they need emergency eye care treatment. Your local optometrist eye Center in Mississauga are well equipped with the needed instruments and information to analyze and treat most visual emergencies.

We take the time to evaluate, treat, and deal with every single patient for the best eye care. We know you are looking for the fastest access and recovery to get your eyes and vision back on track and healthy once again. The most ideal approach to protect yourself or your loved one from common eye emergencies is to educate yourself about the eye-related risks and then act as per that.

Signs & Symptoms of Eye Emergencies

You need immediate medical attention anytime whenever you experience swelling, pain, and redness in your eye, especially if it occurs after a physical issue or due to a foreign object or chemical in your eye.
When left untreated, these injuries can harm your eye, even more, prompting partial as well as permanent blindness.

Here are some symptoms which are commonly seen in patients who suffer from eye problems:

Loss of Vision

If you’ve encountered a sudden loss of vision and can’t see out of one or both eyes, this might be making it difficult for you to concentrate on your everyday work. In this case, you need to seek immediate medical attention immediately.

Similarly, if you have blurred vision or see a shadow over your visual field, you need to get to an eye emergency facility or medical clinic near you right away.


If you are bleeding from the eyes, you need to contact an emergency eye clinic near you for checking your eyes with trained professionals. Even, bleeding under the skin causes discoloration related to a black eye.

If an eye injury brings about a black eye and you find your eyes extra sensitive or if you’re seeing a halo around a light, then visit your optometrist in Mississauga without any wait.

Changes in the Eye Shape

Changes in the shape of human eyes may be due to swelling or bulging. Also, most of the time, issues that can be seen commonly in patients include the size of one eye not equivalent to the other, cuts or tears in the eyelid, etc.


When you are dealing with the issues of eye itching, then you need to flush it using clean water. Lift the upper eyelid and gently pull it out over the lower top so that the eyelashes can clear your eye. You can blink your eyes a couple of times to check whether your tears wash out what’s in your eye.

Extra Sensitive to Light

If you’re finding that your eyes are additional sensitive or you’re seeing a halo around a light, then you should visit your optometrist.


Nowadays, paralysis is the biggest indication of eye injury. If your eye doesn’t move or moves gradually, such type symptoms demonstrate the need for an eye emergency.

Chemical Burn

If your eye had exposure to harmful chemicals, it leads to prolonged redness, pain, or swelling. Getting in touch with an emergency eye doctor is likely to be a superb option.

When individuals face this problem, then the pain in the eyes doesn’t stop. The best way is to get rid of it is to rush to the eye emergency doctor.


Sometimes, unusual and serious eye pain, especially if it’s accompanied by a headache is also an indication that you’re suffering from an eye problem. Then, visiting emergency eye care in Mississauga, ON is the best option.

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We will tell you the reason for your eye distress and help you to find a quick solution. Call us or schedule your appointment today!

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