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Ideally, light filters through your cornea and reaches the retina. From there, the rays communicate what you see to the brain. The light bends (refracts) as it hits the retina and sends off nerve signals to the brain. From here, the objects you observe are translated into recognizable images. This describes healthy vision.

But, if you have an irregular-shaped cornea, light that enters through the pupil might not refract properly. As a result, the brain can’t interpret the images correctly, and your vision is blurry. If this describes how you see, your optometrist in Mississauga may diagnose you with a refractive error.

One of the most common refractive errors we treat is myopia or nearsightedness. This condition makes it difficult to view anything at a distance. However, closer objects appear clear.

Fortunately, your eye doctor in Mississauga offers effective myopia treatments, including Ortho-k lenses. Call Complete Eye Care today to book an eye exam.

The Benefits of Ortho-K Near You

Orthokeratology, more commonly known as Ortho-k, reshapes the cornea gently overnight. This corneal refractive therapy consists of custom-fitted contact lenses that are worn during sleep. Simply place the lenses over your corneas before bed and remove them in the morning. Since Ortho-k alters the cornea shape during the night, many patients enjoy better vision the very next day.

To achieve the desired results, Ortho-k must be custom-made for each patient. Dr. Priti Jani will start the process by taking eye measurements. We need accurate dimensions to create lenses that fit the unique shape of your cornea. A perfect fit is crucial to enable proper airflow. Therefore, the special lenses will stay moist and comfortable to wear.

Myopia Treatment for Children

While myopia patients can undergo LASIK eye surgery to correct their vision, this procedure is irreversible. Ortho-k lenses near you are a non-invasive method with less risk. If you stop wearing contact lenses, your eyes will revert to the original shape. Also, unlike laser eye surgery, Ortho-k is suitable for kids.

Please schedule an appointment at Complete Eye Care in Mississauga to learn more. Your eye doctor can treat you or your child for myopia signs such as eyestrain, blurry vision, and frequent headaches.

Dry Eye FAQs

Dry eye is a commonly occurring condition that often results in significant discomfort. Understanding this condition is the first step towards getting the right treatment.

Our optometrist Dr. jani in Mississauga, ON, answers some of the most commonly asked questions about dry eye.

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