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Myopia, another name for nearsightedness, is a common eye condition. In those under the age of 40, it’s the most common cause of impaired vision. If you’re looking for treatments that can slow the progression of myopia like low dose atropine, Misight contact lenses, and progressive spectacle lenses in Mississauga, ON, we have you covered at Complete Eyecare.

At Complete Eyecare in Mississauga, we’ve been operating for several years and treating people with different eye conditions. Myopia, however, has been growing in prevalence. Finding Ortho-K, Misight contact lenses, low dose atropine and progressive spectacle lenses near you can help control it. These treatments are often valuable in children in stopping the progression of myopia.

What Is Myopia?

Myopia is nearsightedness. Patients who suffer from myopia will have trouble reading distant signs and objects. Alternatively, they won’t experience trouble reading something up close like a book, newspaper, or computer. Myopia can also lead to headaches and fatigue. Without correction, our eyes will strain to try and read distant objects.

Myopia is a growing problem, and it is estimated that by 2050, almost half the population will have it. In children, myopia can be progressive. That’s why there are several options like Ortho-K, Misight contact lenses, low dose atropine and bifocal or progressive spectacle lenses to slow it down.

Myopia Progression

Myopia can be progressive in the sense that it can get worse as the child grows. Studies are ongoing to try and find ways to stop this progression. Low dose atropine is one of the ways that we can stop or slow down myopia progression. Recent studies have shown that low dose atropine is effective and has minimal side effects.

Misight lenses work differently from contact lenses but are also worn intermittently. Patients shouldn’t sleep with their Misight lenses. These lenses received FDA approval in 2019 after a 3-year study involving over 130 children between the ages of 8 and 12. Bifocal or progressive spectacle lenses are also being studied and might be effective in slowing down myopia progression.

Dry Eye FAQs

Dry eye is a commonly occurring condition that often results in significant discomfort. Understanding this condition is the first step towards getting the right treatment.

Our optometrist Dr. jani in Mississauga, ON, answers some of the most commonly asked questions about dry eye.

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