LipiFlow Treatment: Best in Class for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

LipiFlow Treatment: Best in Class for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Dec 01, 2021

Are you dealing with mild to moderate or severe dry eyes and are seeking relief from the condition? Rest assured, treatment is now available to deal with LipiFlow to deal with the problem of dry eyes warmly and soothingly. For your understanding, the treatment with LipiFlow is a heat therapy for Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), which causes you to have clogged oil glands that are the problem causing dry eyes. If you are affected by MGD, you find relief by seeking treatment from eye care near you.

Learning about the new LipiFlow treatment can cause apprehensions in your mind about whether you can find relief from the problem of dry eyes using this therapy. Let us provide you with in-depth information on MGD and LipiFlow to understand how this instrument helps treat dry eye disease.

The History of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Before we proceed any further providing information about LipiFlow treatment, understand the root causes of MGD causing dry eyes.

Your tears contain three layers of oil, water, and mucin for keeping your eyes lubricated. Your meibomian glands are located along the rims of your eyelids and are responsible for secreting oil into the tear film. When you develop meibomian gland dysfunction, clogging of the glands causes insufficient oil production for the tear film. As a result, the oil produced by your eyes lacks quality and quantity, causing the tears to evaporate rapidly and result in dry eyes.

MGD is responsible for dry eyes affecting nearly 86 percent of people. If you want to diagnose your condition to determine whether you have MGD, you must visit eye care in Mississauga, ON, and not any other facility because eye specialists are identified as professionals that can adequately diagnose meibomian gland dysfunction.

Eye specialists in Canada may prescribe various treatments or recommend them. However, if you want the most effective therapy for meibomian gland dysfunction, you must seek therapy with LipiFlow treatment offered by dry eye treatment in Mississauga, ON, as inappropriate therapy for MGD.

Explaining LipiFlow Treatment

A device invented by Dr. Donald Korb for treating dry eyes is called LipiFlow. The machine removes blockages from the meibomian glands to leave your eyes feeling better and moist. Specialists in the business consider LipiFlow as the gold standard for treating MGD. The LipiFlow instrument is available with a console and an activator which is a single-use sterile device. The LipiFlow instrument uses vectored thermal pulsation technology. The technology helps the activator send heat pulses to the glands in your eyes through your eyelids.

Is LipiFlow Treatment Effective?

LipiFlow treatment directly addresses the root cause of dry eyes by providing warm and gentle heat to the eyelids and simultaneously supplying a gentle massage. The warm and soft heat and massage help the glands resume their natural oil production for the tear film.

When you have a sufficient oil layer in the tear film, your tears will likely not evaporate quickly, ensuring a healthier eye surface. A single session with eye care in Mississauga undergoing LipiFlow treatment will ensure you find significant relief from the problem of dry eyes and MGD.

The LipiFlow Procedure

When diagnosing meibomian gland dysfunction or dry eyes, the specialist conducts a tear osmolarity test. A Lipiscan is also used for diagnosing meibomian gland dysfunction. After the specialist has assessed your condition comprehensively, they will determine whether LipiFlow is the suitable treatment for your situation.

During the LipiFlow procedure, the LipiFlow device activator is applied to your eyelids one at a time to provide warm and consistent heat, along with a gentle massage to unclog the meibomian glands. The procedure is nonsurgical but is best performed by a trained professional.

LipiFlow treatments provide relief from the problem of dry eyes and require less time than what you spend when trying to reach an eye specialist in Ontario. The LipiFlow session requires approximately 12 minutes for each session. However, the overall treatment time depends on the severity of your condition and the recommendation of the eyes specialist.

You may observe the results of LipiFlow treatment within a few days, but some may require a couple of weeks to experience the full benefits. The severity of the condition affecting you determines how long you must wait before benefiting from LipiFlow treatment. It helps if you also have information that MGD and dry eyes are chronic conditions that are challenging to cure. Therefore you may need LipiFlow treatments at least once every 12 months besides warm compresses to loosen debris in your eyes to keep the oil flowing better.

If you are looking for LipiFlow Treatment in Mississauga, ON, you can call or schedule an appointment with Complete Eyecare for professional eye care.

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