A Closer Look at OCT Scan and its Significance

A Closer Look at OCT Scan and its Significance

Aug 01, 2020

Your eyes are sensitive, and they require to be protected from damage. The optometrist near you can perform an OCT scan to determine the underlying issue beneath your eye surface. The procedure provides a clear view of your eye layers.

Your specialist uses the approach to measure the thickness and map out the layers. With a clear picture, the scan helps evaluate the disorders of your optic nerve.

The eye scan is vital in detecting various eye defects, including optic nerve damage and macular holes. It’s useful in the early treatment of your eye degeneration, to prevent severe damage. Early treatment ensures that the condition of your eye is improved, and underlying issues are identified.

What’s an OCT Scan?

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an imaging test that allows your optometrist to visualize the retina’s different layers and optic nerve. The scan is non-invasive and utilizes light waves to capture the various cross-sections of your retina. It’s used in the diagnosis of age-related macular degeneration and other issues related to your eyes.

Your specialist may recommend you undertake an OCT eye test, to provide the right imaging, even if your eyes are healthy.

With the OCT eye scan, your ophthalmologist sees the retina’s distinctive layers and measures their thickness during diagnosis. A treatment plan is designed if glaucoma and other issues of your retina are identified. The scan is vital in the evaluation of your eye disorders, which affect your optic nerve fibers.

What You Need to Expect During an OCT Eye Scan

During your appointment, your specialist may put dilating eye drops in your eyes to widen your pupil, for easy examination of your retina. You’ll sit in a motionless posture in front of an OCT machine. The equipment is used to scan your eyes for about ten minutes. Dilated eyes are sensitive to the radiation after the exam procedure is complete.

Once the scan maps out and measures the thickness of your retina’s layers, the optical expert detects any signs of retinal eye defects earlier. The scan is more effective compared to other standard examination techniques. The procedure can diagnose eye issues early and allow the optometrist near you to begin treatment.

Why You Need to Undertake an OCT Scan

An OCT eye test is critical in determining your eye’s health. It’s useful in identifying glaucoma and other eye conditions. Your optician compares the images captured during your appointment with the previous pictures to identify any changes in your eye structure. It’s also helpful in indicating early signs of various eye health issues, including:

  • Macular degeneration
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Glaucoma

The above conditions can be easily managed once detected by early treatment. The scan helps prevent potential vision loss, and it would be best if you undertake it. The scanning procedure confirms the health of your eyes by comparing it with the repeated tests. It’s useful in detecting potentially vision-threatening conditions, and it’s minimally-invasive.

You should not wait until your situation intensifies, and you need to undergo the scan to ensure you preserve your vision capabilities. Most vision-related conditions occur at the back of your eye, and most standard procedures can’t identify your issue.

The OCT test allows your eye specialist to identify any changes that have occurred over time. The formation of a jelly-like substance in your eye may affect your vision and hinder your optic nerve from transmitting light impulses to your brain. It leads to blurred imaging or loss of sight.

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