3 Treatment for Dry Eyes & When To Visit Your Doctor?

3 Treatment for Dry Eyes & When To Visit Your Doctor?

Dec 01, 2020

Eyes are one of the vital sense organs of your body. Eyes provide about 80% of the insight. The structure and functionality of the eyes are a bit complex. Each eye has the mechanism to control the amount of light that it lets in and can adjust near and far sight.

What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

The human eye is a delicate organ with numerous minute parts and blood vessels. The tears keep the eye hydrated and keep the surface of the eye smooth. The tears can wash off the dust, pollen grains, and derbies from the eye, thus protect the eye from infection. In other words, the tears keep the eye moist and safe.

The tear glands might stop producing or produce inadequate tears due to certain diseases, medications, or aging. Eye dryness might also occur if the tear glands fail to produce the right type of tears to wipe off the foreign materials from your eyes.

Dry eye problems might be chronic or temporary. Chronic eye dryness might be caused when the tear glands fail to produce adequate tears. The tears might also evaporate quickly, and it might cause inflammation around the eyes. The chronic dry eyes might be caused due to underlying conditions.

The temporary dry eyes might occur due to environmental factors. Wearing contact lenses for a long period might also be the reason for dry eyes. Dry eyes cause blur vision, redness in the eyes, irritation, or scratchy sensation in the eyes.

The Diagnosis

The ophthalmologist can test for dry eyes. A comprehensive eye examination includes the overall health of the eyes and the whole body of the patient. The complete medical history and lifestyle of the person are noted in detail to detect the underlying conditions. The surface of the eyes and the eyelids are also examined.

An assessment of the tears follows the eyes’ examination by measuring the quality and volume of tears produced. Such a test can identify the deficiency in quality or quantity of tears and can be treated accordingly.

Treating Dry Eyes

Dry eyes diseases can be managed rather than curing completely. Recent research and improvement in technology have opened new avenues in addressing issues with dry eyes.

1: Self Care

Since the eyes are delicate, you can adopt some simple techniques to keep the eyes healthy. Staring at the computer or mobile screen for hours might put your eyes under immense stress. A conscious effort should be made to rest your eyes every twenty minutes. Blinking more than often can also stimulate the release of tears.

Removing the makeup of the eyes is important. Residues of mascara, foundation, or eyeliner can be detrimental to the eyes. It is better to check the ingredients of your eye makeup before putting them. Eye masks can prevent overnight dry eyes. Often the eyes might not close as you sleep, and eye masks help to prevent the evaporation of tears. A humidifier can be useful to add moisture to the air of your home or office.

Avoiding over wearing contact lenses, investing in the right quality sunglasses, and reducing cigarette smoking can be an excellent way to reduce dry eyes’ chances. A warm compress on the eyelids can clear blocked tear glands.

2: Diet and Supplements

Healthy food can ensure that your eyes get the required nourishment in correct proportions. To protect your vision and reduce the chances of dry eyes, you need to keep the body hydrated. Drinking at least eight glasses of water every day can keep the bowel, kidneys, and eyes in good shape.

Vitamin D supplements are known to increase tears and help to keep the eye clean. Vitamin A deficiency might increase dry eyes, and food like carrots, skim milk, orange, yellow fruits, and fresh vegetables can help to prevent dry eyes. Omega 3 fatty acids found in leafy vegetables, fish, soybean, seeds, and nuts ensure that the meibomian glands secrete adequate oil to prevent evaporation of the tears.

3: Medication

After assessing your eye condition, the ophthalmologist might prescribe artificial tears to keep the eyes hydrated. It keeps the eyes lubricated and prevents irritation, inflammation, or redness of the eyes. An eye ointment can prevent sore eyes apart from giving a soothing relief to your eyes. Cholinergic drugs can stimulate tears. Hormone replacement therapy and autologous blood serum drops can help to cure underlying conditions.

Selecting the Eye Clinic

If you are looking for dry eye treatment in Mississauga, ON, Complete Eyecare can provide you the complete treatment. Our team of competent and experienced ophthalmologists has helped to cure dry eyes, and you may book an appointment online. We offer a one-hour service for specific prescriptions.

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